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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between InCharge and Vattenfall?InCharge is an initiative by Vattenfall. We have set ourselves the task of creating a seamless infrastructure for e-mobility. With our Europe-wide network of charging stations, we want to create an emission-free and worry-free driving experience for you at all times. At Vattenfall we have a clear vision: a life without fossil fuels.

I have a Vattenfall charge card. Will anything change for me by switching to InCharge?

Nothing changes for you. You can continue to use your Vattenfall charge card as usual. Also, nothing about your terms and conditions changes. Do you want an InCharge card anyway? No problem - just order it via our online form.



Questions about InCharge boxes

Why should I choose InCharge Smart Home?The Smart charging box is particularly suitable when (1) up-to-date information on the status of the InCharge box or charging operations is required, if (2) access is to be made only by authorized persons, and (3) if load management is necessary for several vehicles despite low connection capacity for charging.

What are the advantages of the Smart Charging Box compared to the Basic Charging Box?
1. Detailed insight into charging data2. Convenient management of InCharge cards for access to the charging box3. Load management for charging despite low connection capacity

Do I need a special electrical socket for installing the InCharge box?No, the InCharge box is permanently connected to the house installation. It has no plug for connection to the mains.

Is my InCharge box covered by warranty?If installation is performed by our installation service, InCharge will provide a one-year limited warranty.

Does the Smart Home charging box also work in older buildings?If the electrical system in the building no longer complies with the applicable standards, the InCharge installation service will gladly advise you on measures for modernization. These services can be ordered together with the installation of your InCharge box.

How does load management work?Load management is particularly advantageous for underground garages and parking lots, where several InCharge boxes are to be used simultaneously. Several InCharge boxes can be interconnected and controlled together. The charging boxes then automatically negotiate the respective permitted charging power with the vehicles and prevent overloading of the electrical connection

How is the InCharge box installed?

You have the choice between 3 options:
1. Pre-check and installation included: the easy choice. On your request, we make an appointment with a professional electrician from our service network who will visit your home. The installer inspects your garage or carport, checks your power connection, and sends the information to InCharge. If you then agree with our offer, the electrician/installer will come back a second time for the installation. We make it easy for you – the professionals take care of the technical details.2. Do the pre-check yourself and save money. You provide our customer service information on conditions of your garage/carport and power connection available. Based on this information, the installer from our service network plans the installation and carries it out on site.3. You order the charging box from InCharge and install it with an electrician of your choice.

Is there an electricity tariff for the InCharge box?There is no extra electricity tariff for your charging box. You continue to receive the electricity from your home electricity provider as normal.

What is a Type B circuit breaker switch (Fehlerschutzschalter Typ B)?Type-B ground fault circuit-breakers regulate DC currents and detect faulty currents. The functionality of the Type-B ground fault circuit-breakers is required for the safe charging of your electric car.

What is the digital access lock (Zugangssperre)?With the digital access lock, your InCharge box can only be used by authorized persons. The charging box is unlocked with an InCharge (or Vattenfall) card. Each InCharge box comes with two charging cards. By holding the card on the device, the charging process can be initiated and terminated. The charging process is connected to the identification number of the charging card.

What happens if I forget to disconnect the car from the InCharge box?The vehicle switches off the charging current when the battery is fully charged and prevents overcharging.

Is the InCharge box weatherproof?The charging box can be installed and operated outdoors. The InCharge box housing is dustproof and weatherproof according to IP44 or IP54 standards for devices with fixed charging cable.

How long does it take to charge?The charging time depends on the power level of the charging box and the charging system in the vehicle. With the Smart 22kW charging box, a vehicle with an equally fast charging system can store just under 22 kWh in one hour - enough for 120 km of travel at 18 kWh / 100km fuel consumption.



Questions about InCharge Smart Home and access to the InCharge online portal

Can I call download files from the InCharge Portal in an Excel format and generate statistics from them?The data on your InCharge boxes can be downloaded from the portal as a CSV file and opened in MS Excel or other spreadsheet programs.

Can I access data online regarding energy consumed on my account?

The amount of energy delivered via your InCharge box(es) can be viewed in the online portal.

How safe is the InCharge online portal?The portal has been successfully subjected to intensive security testing. Users can increase security by choosing a strong password.


Questions about the InCharge card (previously: Vattenfall charging card) and public InCharge stations

What is the InCharge card?The InCharge card is available for both residential and commercial customers. With the InCharge card, you can charge your electric vehicle using environmentally-friendly energy at all public charging stations in the InCharge network. You can choose between AC and DC charging stations. DC charging stations also referred to as fast charging stations.Charging at partner stations is billed according to the conditions of your InCharge account.

I have a Vattenfall charging card. Will anything change for me by switching to InCharge?Nothing changes for you. You can continue to use your Vattenfall charging card as usual. Also, nothing in your terms and conditions changes. Do you want an InCharge card anyway? No problem - just order it via our online form.

How much does the InCharge card cost?The issuance of the InCharge card is free. There is no membership fee.

Where can I use the InCharge card?With the InCharge card, you can charge your electric vehicle using environmentally-friendly energy at all public charging stations in the InCharge network.

What does roaming mean?Roaming is the function which allows InCharge customers to load at other public charging stations that are not operated by the contracting party (InCharge).

Can I also charge abroad with the InCharge card?You can charge with the InCharge card at all stations in the InCharge network domestically or abroad.

What is the cost of charging with the InCharge card?Basic price: 0,00 Euro / month, consumption price* : 30,00 ct / kWh incl. 19% VAT (25,21 ct / kWh net), * Prices AC charge acc.


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