The My InCharge Portal lets you access* information on your consumption data and charging data at all times. Additionally, you can see and manage the access rights to your box(es), keep track of your active charging card(s) and create personal dashboards for even better tracking. 

This guide will give you tips on how to use the My InCharge Portal. 

*Please note that you cannot login to the My InCharge portal unless you have received a link via email and activated your account first. To get an activation link, order a free charge card. Once you have placed your order, you will receive an email to activate your My InCharge account.


1. Login

Please sign in to your My InCharge Portal account. You will receive your personal login data by e-mail as soon as your charging box has been activated. 

2. Overview

After signing in to your account, you will see your charging data and consumption data of the previous 30 days. For detailed information please click on the respective menu item. 

The menu bar is variable. If you do not have at least one charging box, the menu item Stations will not be displayed.


3. Widget Manager

You can customize your portal at any time. All widgets available are updated regularly so that new functions will be visible automatically. By clicking on manage widgets you can add or remove widgets or get an overview. 

4. My Stations

You will find your charging station(s) under My Stations. If you have more than one station you can search and filter them here. Additionally, you can rename your station(s). Click on the respective charging station for detailed information. 

5. My Cards

You will find your charging card(s) under My Cards. If you have more than one card you can search and filter them here. Click on the respective charging card for detailed information. 

6. Reports

You will find your consumption data and the average value from charging time and kWh per day here. By using the download button you can download selected statistics in Excel format. 

7. Statistics for cards

Keep track of your charging card(s) and see how many kWh have been already charged per charging card or in total. The download function allows you to download a summary report in Excel format.  

8. Access management

The menu item Whitelist is linked to your access authorization. You can see and manage the access rights to your box(es) here. By entering the number of the respective charging card and then clicking on Add you can add new users. You can see easily which charging card(s) is/are linked to your charging station. You can delete any card by clicking on Remove



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