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03.12.2020 | 3 minutes

Sustainable hotels: Benefit now

Today and in the future, an ever more environmentally-friendly approach will be at the heart of business travel. A sign for hotels to focus even more on sustainability. Vattenfall InCharge offers electromobility solutions.

A survey by the Institute of Travel Management predicts a 25 to 50 percent decline in business travel in 2021. Business people will also travel in an ever more environmentally conscious manner in the future. A sign for hotels that competition will get even fiercer. It's clear: Anyone who places even greater emphasis on sustainability now gains competitive advantages.

Sustainable hotels: More than a trend

Stars alone don't bring guests: Sustainability is an important factor in decision-making for an increasing number of travellers, whether business or private. That's why sustainable hotels focus on more efficient food handling, reduced water consumption, alternatives to plastic, energy savings and sustainable hotel architecture. In the last point in particular, hotel managers can collect another green advantage with the support of Vattenfall InCharge.

Vattenfall InCharge offers charging stations for hotels

E-mobility is experiencing a strong upturn in Germany thanks to numerous subsidy programmes for electric cars and charging stations. The increasing prevalence of electric cars is also increasing the demand for charging stations - which is crucial when selecting accommodation. Therefore, equip your hotel with charging stations and raise your service to a whole new level.

Invest with Vattenfall InCharge

Vattenfall InCharge helps plan and install charging stations for hotels. Whether Business Charging or as a Location Partner – Vattenfall InCharge offers various ways to sustainably supercharge your hotel's image with a charging infrastructure and green electricity.

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