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01.10.2020 | 3 minutes

Participate in the ELBE subsidy programme with charging products from Vattenfall InCharge

Hamburg companies benefit twofold: Anyone who is now starting to establish a charging infrastructure for electric cars will find the right product with Vattenfall InCharge and will receive financial support via the ELBE programme.

In order to make the mobility transition a success, the City of Hamburg is supporting the expansion of charging infrastructures in the semi-public and private sectors with subsidies of up to 100% with the ELBE (Electrify Buildings for Electric Vehicles) project. This subsidy is aimed at companies based in Hamburg that want to provide a charging infrastructure for their employees, customers, guests or their own fleet, as well as housing associations and project developers who want to equip residential and commercial properties for electromobility in a future-proof way.

As a charging station operator, Vattenfall InCharge meets the technical requirements of the ELBE project and also offers attractive charging products for companies that enable a smooth, subsidy-eligible transition to electromobility:

Business Charging

Business Charging is the basic product for charging at the company site. It consists of hardware, installation and digital services that keep you in control of all charging processes at all times. With Business Charging, you can enable your employees and guests to charge electric vehicles free of charge on company premises.

Charging in compliance with calibration regulations with the Keba KeContact P30 charging box

Business Charging Plus

Building on this, you can commission the billing service Business Charging Plus and earn money with your charging infrastructure. In this model, you release your charging infrastructure for public users and receive a credit of 29 cents net per kilowatt hour charged. Optionally, you can increase the visibility of your location by displaying your charging boxes in the Vattenfall InCharge app.

Real Estate Charging

For the special needs of housing associations, Vattenfall InCharge with Real Estate Charging offers a tailor-made product that increases the attractiveness of residential properties. Together with you as a housing company, an individual, gradually expandable concept for charging infrastructure in the underground car park or in the parking lot is developed. Real estate charging takes various contract options into account, depending on whether the apartments of the property are to be rented or sold.

Charging infrastructure for every requirement

Let's discuss what the optimal charging infrastructure looks like on your site. Contact us by phone at 0800 – 2 335 335 or use our contact form.

Real Estate

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