07.09.2020 | 2 minutes

On Vacation with the Electric Company Car

Discover Germany anew and explore attractive travel routes throughout the country in the comfort of your electric company car.

The Future Is Bright for Electric Cars

One third of Germans have expressed a desire to spend their vacation inside Germany this year. Are you one of them? Then take advantage of your eco-friendly electric company car and see for yourself just how extensive the charging infrastructure is.

Many Germans are considering purchasing an electric car in the near future. But according to the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), just seven percent already drive one. So, there is potential, particularly because the percentage of electric vehicles is expected to surge thanks to government support for buyers and subsidized charging infrastructures.

The Charging Infrastructure as a Success Factor

A good charging infrastructure is also a key success factor when it comes to making the switch to electric driving. Vattenfall has a network of more than 85,000 charging stations in Europe, with 25,000 now in Germany alone.

Learn more about three attractive routes for a stress-free journey in your electric company car inside Germany – including an outstanding charging infrastructure and worthwhile destinations along the way.

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