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29.06.2020 | 3 minutes

Non-stop electric: Germany’s charging network is constantly improving

Electromobility has never been as convenient as it is today. People are almost seamlessly mobile – and at the same time doubly sustainable, especially in the urban charging network.

Electromobility in Germany is growing fast and gaining momentum. There were only around 9,000 public charging points in Germany two years ago; now there are more than 24,000. Around 15 percent of these are rapid charging stations.

By comparison, there are around 220,000 electric cars and plug-in hybrids in Germany, which means that there are only nine vehicles per charging point. This is a great situation for drivers of electric cars.

Big cities in the lead

Electromobility runs basically frictionless, particularly in urban areas. The Berlin–Brandenburg region has long been regarded as Germany’s largest laboratory for field testing electromobility. Munich is the pioneer now. The Bavarian capital’s network of charging stations includes roughly 1,100 public charging points. Hamburg comes in a close second, with 1,070 charging points at the beginning of 2020. Berlin is in third place with 975 public charging points for electric vehicles. This is also where creative solutions come to the fore: For example, as part of the 2017–2020 Clean Air program, 1,000 street lights are to be converted into charging points.

Hamburg and Berlin are leading the pack when it comes to density of charging points: The number of public charging stations per 1,000 square kilometers is 1,417 and 1,093, respectively. The more sparsely populated states of Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg, and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern in particular have some catching up to do with their charging networks. As part of its subsidy program for electromobility, the German government is looking to expand the network here, too, with the Charging Infrastructure Master Plan.

Electromobility across Europe with InCharge

Around 75 percent of the charging stations are built by power utility companies. Vattenfall InCharge is also heavily involved in the expansion – and exclusively offers green power. Users of the InCharge charging network are driving in a doubly sustainable manner. They can now use 60,000 charging points across Europe. They are easy to find, and there is an app to activate the charging points.



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