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09.04.2020 | 3 minutes

McDonald’s and Vattenfall: Rapid charging stations for a greener guture

Businesses and their customers are increasingly interested in charging options for electric cars. Together with Vattenfall, McDonald’s is building its own electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the Netherlands.

McDonald’s has decided to make its restaurants more sustainable. For this reason, Vattenfall and McDonald’s have combined their expertise to meet the growing demand for electromobility in the Netherlands and to install rapid charging points for electric cars at the Dutch branches of the fast food corporation.

Vattenfall and McDonald’s installed the first rapid charging station at the end of 2018; in the meantime there are 28 units (as of January 2020). A further 139 rapid charging stations, each with two charging points, will be installed gradually by 2021. The cooperation between Vattenfall and McDonald’s enables drivers of electric vehicles to charge their cars – within half an hour – using green electricity generated entirely from domestic wind energy at locations throughout the country.

Vattenfall is financing the development of this infrastructure. McDonald’s provides the parking spaces for this. Both corporations benefit from it in the end: Vattenfall sells electricity, and McDonald’s becomes even more attractive by providing customers with charging points and green wind power. But of course, electric car drivers profit the most from the rapidly growing charging infrastructure.

Jeder InCharge Kunde kann die Ladestationen bei McDonald's nutzen.

Every InCharge customer can use the charging stations at McDonald's. Photo: Vattenfall

It is extremely simple to operate the rapid charging points. Customers who are already with Vattenfall InCharge can use the Vattenfall InCharge app to conveniently find the charging stations, just like they can for all other charging points. Naturally this is also available to potential new customers free of charge.

“We are very pleased that through this cooperation, we can offer our customers who drive electric vehicles the convenience of a rapid charging station so they are well-equipped for the roads,” says Bas Klaassen, Director Development Real Estate & Construction at McDonald’s. The special feature is that the rapid charging points are accessible to everyone. What’s more, the McDonald’s initiative attracts more customers: “With the new charging points, drivers of electric vehicles have the opportunity to continue their journey after a short time after enjoying a cup of coffee at McDonald’s,” explains Klaassen.



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