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29.10.2020 | 5 minutes

Location Partner: How your company can benefit from the expansion of the charging infrastructure for electric cars

Your location – our investment: With the Location Partner concept, Vattenfall InCharge invests in charging infrastructure at your company site. Find out all the benefits of a Location Partnership here.

The goal is clear: Registration figures for electric cars are increasing rapidly in Germany. The charging infrastructure must therefore be adapted equally quickly to meet the growing demand of electric vehicle drivers.

The approximately 25,000 (public) charging stations in place today are to be expanded to one million by 2030. This objective can only be realistically achieved if the space available in the (semi-) public space is used optimally.

Location Partner: Your location – our investment

The idea for a Location Partnership emerged during the search for suitable areas for a semi-public charging infrastructure: Why not make larger parking spaces at company locations suitable for charging electric cars?

To achieve this, Vattenfall InCharge is purposefully looking for suitable partners with publicly accessible parking spaces, which they will make available for the construction of charging stations for electric cars.

What makes parking spaces suitable for a Location Partnership?

Parking spaces are eligible for a partnership if they …

  • ... are located in places where many people spend a long period of time, e.g. shopping districts or close to leisure facilities
  • ... have a good transport connection
  • ... in densely populated areas with apartment buildings
  • ... accessible to users around the clock
  • ... if possible, do not charge parking fees
  •  ... include at least ten parking spaces (not all of them must be equipped with a charging infrastructure)

How do you become a Location Partner?

If you have one or more suitable parking spaces, you can suggest them for use. Details of the current use of the space and how many charging stations can be set up helps with planning. If the space fits into Vattenfall InCharge's current location planning, you will receive a partnership offer.

What are the benefits of a Location Partnership with Vattenfall InCharge?

The Location Partnership is a classic win-win situation for both sides:

As a Location Partner, you can create a comfortable shopping or culinary experience for your customers and guests with electric cars if, in addition to your core competence, you also guarantee environmentally-friendly mobility and remove any fear that they could run out of range.

At the same time, you strengthen your image with customers and guests, as well as with your employees and the public as an environmentally conscious and sustainable company, and make an active contribution to the mobility revolution.

More visibility in the Vattenfall InCharge app

With charging stations on your premises, your location is published in e-mobility apps and relevant e-mobility portals, so that potential new environmentally-conscious customers become aware of your company. And if your parking space is only available at certain times, this will be noted in the free Vattenfall InCharge app.

The key advantage when entering into a Location Partnership: You only cover the pre-installation, marking and signage of the areas. The experts from Vattenfall InCharge take care of the "rest": As a Location Partner, you will not incur any further costs for assessing the location, designing the right charging solution, financing and installation, operation and maintenance of the charging stations.

For Vattenfall InCharge, on the other hand, as the charging station manager, the Location Partnerships offer the opportunity to actively invest in charging infrastructure in order to continuously promote the expansion of e-mobility in Germany and to get ever closer to the major goal of the "fossil-free within one generation" energy transition with the supply of 100% green electricity for electric cars.

Tip: If you have suitable parking spaces, contact our experts for an initial preliminary discussion.

Successful Location Partnerships

The retail chain REWE, fast food giant McDonalds and the Dutch hotel group Bilderberg have already entered into successful Location Partnerships with Vattenfall InCharge and offer their customers the opportunity to charge their electric cars in many locations. Projects in cooperation with hospital operators and shopping centres are also about to be implemented.

Additional option: Exclusive user

The Location Partnership model offers even more possibilities. Outside business hours, the charging station infrastructure can be made available to exclusive users. Care services, car sharing providers or delivery services, for example, could charge their vehicles overnight at the charging stations.


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