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16.03.2020 | 4 minutes

Electric vehicle charging infrastructure: What considerations should businesses make?

The electrification of a vehicle fleet requires planning and research. It will pay off quickly when you have the right partner. Here are the most important tips for a successful transition.

The electrification of a vehicle fleet requires planning and research. It will pay off quickly when you have the right partner. Here are the most important tips for a successful transition.

Electric vehicles play an important role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the transport sector. This sector is one of the largest carbon emitters of all. As electrification gains traction, it makes a major contribution to improving air quality in cities across Germany such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Stuttgart. An easily accessible charging infrastructure – and not only in the public sphere – is a prerequisite for the transition to electric vehicles.

Are you considering a switch to electric vehicles? We will show you what to keep in mind before setting up an electric vehicle charging infrastructure:

How many electric vehicle charging points do you need?

The required number of electric vehicle charging stations and points varies depending on how many employees you have as well as how many visitors regularly come to your premises. We recommend future-proofing your plan by making it easy to expand the number of electric vehicle charging stations when needed. An important factor in transitioning to electromobility is to ensure that your employees can charge their car at work. Start by mapping out the potential areas at your premises where you can install charging points and consider whether you also want visitors to be able to charge.

Plugging in at convenient destinations with charging stations will become the new normal, allowing your car to “get its fill” and ensuring it is kept sufficiently charged. This differs from the traditional model of heading to the filling station with your car once a week, or when the tank is empty.

What hardware should I choose?

Not all charging stations are the same. On the contrary, the differences are particularly significant when it comes to performance and operation. It is important to select the right type of charging point for your needs. Therefore, it makes sense to choose a hardware-independent vendor as your partner for electrification. In this manner you ensure that you are not restricted from the outset. The hardware also differs in the solutions for load balancing (the guaranteed supply despite increasing power requirements).

Professional installation means less stress

Let the electric vehicle charging company take away the complexity of installing and running your charging points. Everything from site preparation to connection, software for operation, and a range of billing solutions for your users can be offered.

Green credentials

Electrification will enable businesses, industries, customers, and society in general to reduce CO2 emissions if fossil fuels are replaced by renewable and climate-neutral energy sources. By setting up an electric vehicle infrastructure, not only will you facilitate your employees to transition to using a fleet of electric vehicles, you will also be recognized for your efforts to be more sustainable and environmentally responsible.

Vattenfall: your qualified partner

Vattenfall InCharge offers charging solutions to public bodies, businesses, and homeowners that can be powered by 100-percent renewable energy, if, for example, they choose one of Vattenfall’s green energy options. We also advise you on subsidies for the most cost-effective electrification of your fleet.



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