The basic principle of Eichrecht is ‘verifiable accuracy of measured values’, ensuring that the customer pays only for what they receive. Customers who charge their EVs must have a possibility to check that they are being invoiced exactly the right amount of energy and that there can be no inaccuracy nor a possibility for anybody (CPO or EMP for example) to modify the energy consumption data from the stations, before the customers are being invoiced for energy.

Accordingly, PTB - The National Metrology Institute of Germany, in accordance with Measurement and Calibration Law (MessEG) and the Measurement and Calibration Act (MessEV) regulates that the measured values be determined by a calibrated measuring device and that data records be stored / handled in a secure and verifiable manner.

Ways of ensuring EichrechtThe verification of the data can be done either by an ‘online‘ software or by an ‘onsite’ hardware solution. Vattenfall stations currently offer two different implementations.


Online verification method

Vattenfall is a member of the S.A.F.E consortium and supports the common standard the consortium has agreed to use. By this method, the customers can use a third party certified software called “Transparency software” to verify that the measured values are correct and match the energy that the customers are billed for. Below stations offer Eichrecht functionality according to S.A.F.E consortium.


Keba KeContat P30:
Type Test Certificate
Declaration of Confirmity

Type Test Certificate

Onsite verification method

Vattenfall InCharge also supports charging hardware solution from EBG Compleo, so-called SAM module, which can be used to verify energy readings locally on the charging station. Below stations offer Eichrecht functionality via onsite verification method:





Compleo Highline BM (IMS)

Type Test Certificate

Other charging stations in detail



Eichrecht and Roaming 

At the moment there is no common solution for Eichrecht in the roaming networks like Hubject. Since roaming networks don’t support Eichrecht, we cannot either provide Eichrecht support for roaming charges at the moment. Vattenfall is, however, following the roaming development closely and will implement Eichrecht support as soon as there is a possibility.


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