Charging without problems across Europe at fair and transparent prices – our InCharge Key charging card, the Vattenfall InCharge app and the My InCharge Portal make it possible for you.

Our roaming network

The Vattenfall InCharge roaming network provides thousands of charging stations for electric cars in Europe. Thanks to the comprehensive charging network, you will always find a station nearby so you can charge your electric car.

* Price applies at charging stations operated by InCharge AB. Prices at charging stations operated independently by companies as part of the Business Charging Plus service may differ. The current prices for charging at the respective stations can be found in the Vattenfall InCharge app.

ad hoc charging

Charge immediately without a charging card

  • Scan QR code at the charging station
  • Open app and add a credit card. Registration is not required
  • Select a charging point on the map
  • Pay by credit card