InCharge Go is the charging solution from InCharge AB when you’re on the road. It provides you with access to our electric car network with charging stations throughout Europe.

InCharge Go includes:

EV public charging

60,000 charging stations

The InCharge Key provides you with access to more than 60,000 public charging stations throughout Europe as part of our electric vehicle roaming network.


EV charging statistics

Online overview of charging status

You can check past charging times and keep track of your active charging cards in the My InCharge portal and the mobile app.

InCharge EV app

Mobile services

You can find charging stations from Vattenfall and partners and check their availability; remember to download the additional Vattenfall InCharge app to your smartphone.

Ladekarte InCharge AB

The first InCharge Key charge card is free of charge!

You will only be charged a one-time fee when you order additional cards.

Does InCharge Go sound interesting to you? Write us a message. Don’t forget to include your name and email address. We’ll get back to you with more information.


Why use the App?


  • Locate all charging stations that are a part of the network
  • Use filter options for relevant charging stations
  • Save a list of favorite charging stations
  • Use the app’s quick start feature for charging at Vattenfall charging stations – without the charge card

Download the App!

Common billing models

The billing model for refuelling electricity is always based on one of the rates shown below, or a combination thereof, throughout the network.

Volume based price

kWh-based pricing


Time based price

time-based pricing

Start (session) price

session fee

Current prices in the InCharge network

With Vattenfall and its roaming partners you currently pay 0.39€/kWh at AC charging stations (normal charging) and 0.59€ at DC charging stations (quick charging).

Exceptions are listed below:

kWh-based invoicing



0,59€/kWh (AC ≤43kW)


New Motion 

0,59€/kWh ( AC >43kW)



0,79€/kWh (DC)      

Digital Energy Solutions     

0,59€/kWh (AC)

0,79€/kWh (DC)   

Charge time invoicing



0,19€/min (DC <22kW)

0,29€/min (DC >22kW)


0,19€/min (AC)

0,29€/min (DC)


0,19€/min (AC & DC)

Session fee



9,59€/Session (AC<43kW)

9,59€/Session (DC)


14,99€/Session (AC)

24,99€/Session (DC)

Robert Bosch, VKW / illwerke

4,79€/Session (AC)

9,59€/Session (DC)

ComfortCharge (DET), ChargeITMobility, Maingau, Chargecloud GmbH,

9,59€/Session (AC & DC)

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